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Learning for Life

Learning for Life District Serves Greenville County
Learning for Life District serves Learning for Life groups as well as Explorer Posts in Greenville County.
Council LFL President: Martha White
District Chairman: Carroll Luck 244-7462
Unit Commissioner: Anthony Brown 243-5557


Learning for Life offers seven programs designed to support schools and community based organizations in their efforts to prepare youth to successfully handle the complexities of contemporary society and to enhance their self-confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. The seven programs focus on character education and career education. Learning for Life programs help youth develop social and life skills, assist in character development, and help youth formulate positive personal values. It prepares youth to make ethical decisions that will help them achieve their full potential. Interested?? Would you like more information about this exciting opportunity for students? Please contact the Scout Service Center at 233-8363 and view our website www.learningforlife.org.

If there are any questions or you need additional information about Learning for Life or available programs please contact the Scout Service Center, 233-8363.  Don’t forget to check out our website www.learning-for-life.org.