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Venturing Advancement

The Venturing advancement program is available to all youth Venturing members of the BSA. Its purpose is to:

- Provide a pathway for personal development.
- Encourage Venturers to learn, grow, and serve.
- Recognize the high level of achievement of Venturers who acquire Venturing skills.

Identify trained and highly motivated venturers who will be a training, leadership, and program resource for other Venturers, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, organizations, and the community.

The basic Venturing awards are:

BRONZE - The introduction to specific Venturing skills
GOLD - Intermediate level requiring at least 12 month’s tenure and work.
SILVER - The highest award for Venturers in addition to earning a Bronze and Gold award, Venturers do additional work in the areas of leadership.
RANGER - The Ranger Award is an additional award/growth opportunity based on outdoor/high adventure requirements.
QUARTERMASTER - An additional rank/growth opportunity for Sea Scouts, based on seamanship skills.
QUEST - The quest Award is based on fitness and sports.
TRUST - The Trust award will help Venturers learn about themselves, their communities, and their religion and culture, as well as those of others.

For the complete requirements for each award please consult the venturing handbook. An unofficial web page from the U.S. Scouting Service Project has volunteers who work to maintain current information on Venturing advancement requirements for ranks and awards. You may find this a helpful source of information.